Competitive Edge


The Competitive Edge Summer Research Program is designed to support entering graduate students from diverse backgrounds who plan to pursue a doctoral or M.F.A. degree and prepare for an academic career.  Participants are provided with an opportunity to work on exciting research projects during an eight-week summer research program.  The program begins on June 20, 2016 and ends August 12, 2016. 


  • Advanced introduction to UCI faculty
  • Advanced introduction to UCI campus resources
  • Early move-in to graduate campus housing
  • Acquisition of critical teaching skills through workshops and lectures
  • Early mentorship from UCI faculty and peer mentors
  • A community-like experience with support from a peer cohort and the UCI Graduate Division
  • Summer stipend of $5,000


  • All participants must be doctoral or M.F.A. students entering their first year of graduate study at UCI.
  • Participants must be female or minority students underrepresented in their academic disciplines.
  • All program participants must indicate an interest in an academic career in teaching and research.


*Only students receiving a Graduate Opportunity Fellowship ((GOF) PhD only), a Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship (ECR), a summer funding option for the Diversity Recruitment Fellowship (DRF), or a department buy-in are eligible to participate in the Competitive Edge program* 

Entering doctoral students must commit to a full-time, eight-week summer research program from late June through mid-August of the summer prior to their enrollment as a doctoral student at UCI. Summer program commitment includes 40 hours of research per week and mandatory workshops, lectures, and other preparatory events to be held throughout the summer.    


Current students interested in participating in the 2016 Competitive Edge Summer Research Program as a peer mentor for an incoming doctoral or M.F.A student click here


Jason Cruz
DECADE and Recruitment Coordinator
Graduate Division
Tel.: (949) 824-1281
Fax: (949) 824-9096