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"DECADE offers an opportunity for professional development while fueling an imperative mission for students who are passionate about our country's social climate."

Sponsored by a Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) grant from the U.S. Department of Education, DECADE aims to increase the number of minorities and women underrepresented in their disciplines receiving doctoral degrees at UC Irvine. To accomplish this, the Graduate Division and UCI ADVANCE have partnered to deliver a multifaceted program that features involvement of faculty, students and administration, and fosters collaborative efforts between faculty and graduate students in working to improve climate, access and inclusion.

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The DECADE Competitive Edge Summer Research Program is a summer pre-entry program geared to incoming female and minority Ph.D. and M.F.A. students who are underrepresented in their disciplines. Participants in Competitive Edge will conduct research under the direct supervision and guidance of a UC Irvine faculty member. The program features workshops and seminars designed to familiarize participants with campus resources, foster professional development, establish peer support networks and develop academic strategies to enhance the graduate education experience at UC Irvine. Current students are strongly encouraged to become peer mentors for the incoming graduate students in their discipline.


DECADE will transform campus climate by adapting and extending the work of ADVANCE Equity Advisors to include graduate education.  Equity Advisors within each school provide a critical link between central administrative support services and individual faculty and graduate students.  Equity Advisors are senior faculty members who participate in faculty recruitment by approving search strategies and raising awareness of Best Practices. Additionally, they organize faculty development programs, with both formal and informal mentoring, and address individual issues raised by women and underrepresented minority faculty.  Equity advisors will also collaborate with DECADE Faculty Mentors to develop best practices for nurturing an inclusive climate for all graduate students. 


  • Equity Advisors can access valuable resources by logging into UCI WebFiles.
  • Current list of Equity Advisors.


DECADE Faculty Mentors will dedicate their efforts to nurturing a positive diversity climate within their academic programs by serving as a resource to graduate students and faculty.  DECADE Faculty Mentors will also collaborate with Equity Advisors and graduate students from their school to promote an inclusive climate for all students.  Current list of DECADE Faculty Mentors.


  • DECADE Mentors can access valuable resources by logging into UCI WebFiles.


Growth and support of a diverse graduate population continues to be a top strategic priority for UC Irvine.  The UC Irvine Graduate Division is currently seeking proposals to provide appropriate support to graduate students from groups that have been historically underrepresented in graduate education so that they feel welcome and thrive in their studies at UC Irvine.  Deadline to submit proposals: March 10, 2014 @ 12pm

Call for DECADE Mentor Graduate Diversity Awards


Diversityville is the culmination of Dramatic Transformations, a program that uses drama to raise awareness of issues related to underrepresented minorities and women, to gender, ethnic, and cultural equity and diversity, as well as to campus climate in the UC Irvine graduate community, check out the video clip for more.


The DECADE Student Council consists of current graduate students who are advisory to DECADE leadership, Equity Advisors, and the Graduate Dean’s Diversity Council.  They also help plan and organize programming and events for DECADE, including workshops and seminars. 

Meetings take place on the second Wednesday of the month in the Graduate Resource Center from 12:00 p.m.  to 1:00 p.m.
For information on getting involved contact Alicia Gonzalez or any of the Chairs below:

Council Co-Chairs:
Afiya Browne (
Autumn Holmes (

James Pratt (

Education Chair:
Candice Gellner (

Communications Co-Chairs:
Tanya Sanabria(
Karen Jallatyan (

Recruitment Co-Chairs:
Julius Edson (
Mark Villegas (


The DECADE Student Travel Award Program will provide funds in support of travel to conferences providing an array of professional development opportunities for graduate students involved in DECADE.  Awards of up to $1,000 are available to DECADE doctoral students.  Students may be awarded conference travel funding through this program only ONCE per year.  Please note that the average award will be made in the $500 range. Please see the application for additional eligibility information.


The DECADE Student Council produces a printed quarterly newsletter that informs graduate students about upcoming events, fellowship deadlines, career planning and development, reflections on past events related to diversity and other topics relevant to graduate education. Hardcopies of the DECADE Press can be picked up at the Graduate Division (Aldrich Hall 120) or the Graduate Resource Center.
A copy of the most current Press can be found below:

DECADE Press Spring 2014

DECADE Press Winter 2014

Past DECADE Presses:

DECADE Press Fall 2013


DECADE sponsors quarterly events addressing a wide array of topics related to diversity and campus climate.  The UCI community is invited to participate.  Check back here, and the Graduate Division Calendar for more information about upcoming DECADE events.


The DECADE Speaker Series features distinguished speakers from across the country and invites the UCI community to participate in dialogue focused on campus climate and diversity. See Upcoming  events below.
Keivan Stassun, Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Vanderbilt University/Fisk University
Tuesday, January 14th, 1 pm – 3 pm, at the Graduate Resource Center, 3100 Gateway Study Center

  • The Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters-to-PhD Bridge Program: A Model for Dramatically Increasing Diversity at the PhD Level in Science and Engineering

Mary Yu Danico, Professor of Sociology, Cal Poly Pomona
Tuesday, February 4th, 10 am – 12 pm, at the Graduate Resource Center, 3100 Gateway Study Center

  • Transforming the Ivory Tower: Challenging Racism, Sexism and Homophobia in the Academy

George Lipsitz, Professor of Black Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Wednesday, April 16th, 1pm-3pm, at the Graduate Resource Center, 3100 Gateway Study Center

  • Presentation will be related to race, culture, and social identities related to academia

See past events below

Erwin Chemerinsky - October 17, 2011

Carlos V. Grijalva - December 1, 2011

Frances Leslie, Susan Coutin, Doug Haynes, Carrie Carmody - April 18, 2012

  • Perceptions of Diversity at UCI: 2010 DECADE Climate Survey Free Response Analysis

Marta Tienda - May 30,2012

  • Diversifying Graduate Programs: Best Practices for Graduate Recruitment and Admissions

For more information regarding these events please email or call Alicia Gonzalez x4-1695


  • DECADE Abstract  
  • DECADE Organizational Structure 
  • DECADE Project Timeline 

For Questions related to the DECADE Initiative please contact Alicia Gonzalez,, (949)824-1695 

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