The UCI Graduate Division is pleased to announce a fellowship for students nearing completion of their dissertations. The Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship aims to increase dissertation completion amongst doctoral students.  This award is intended for students in their final year of graduate education who have a realistic expectation of degree completion during the 2015-2016 academic year.  The award will allow students to forgo their non-research related employment obligations to concentrate on completing their dissertation.

Students are required to include a listing of all extramural, departmental, and Graduate Division fellowships or other support the student has been or expects to be awarded (this includes pending applications), including year and amount in their Student Statement (GDDF Application)

Award Info

Quarterly awards (up to three quarters): Academic year (fall, winter, or spring) award of $12,000 (choice of either stipend or stipend plus fees) or Summer award of $5,000.


  • Full-time Ph.D. students nearing the completion of their dissertation.
  • Nominees must provide evidence in their application that the timeframe to file their dissertation is reasonable 
  • Academic merit
  • Need for release from non-research related employment.
  • Realistic expectation that the student is near degree completion.
  • Doc 2A students (students who are more than nine quarters beyond advancement) are eligible, but will receive no further university support after receipt of this award.

 ELIGIBILITY for the GDDF awards is limited to students in the following programs:

  • All programs within the School of Humanities;
  • All programs within the School of Social Sciences except for Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience;
  • All programs within the School of Social Ecology except for Psychology and Social Behavior;
  • The Drama and Theatre program in the School of the Arts;
  • The Management program in the School of Business;
  • The Statistics program in the School of Information and Computer Sciences

Application Process


Schools are asked to set internal deadlines and collect the student applications accordingly.  Based on merit, schools will then forward nominations and rankings of the students to the Graduate Division by April 13, 2015.

  • Student Application Form (to be completed by the student):
    • Check with your department for internal application deadlines
    • Students fill out the fillable/savable Microsoft Word application form
    • Students must complete and submit the GDDF Student Application form as a Microsoft Word document via e-mail to their department
  • Student Information forms must be saved in Microsoft Word as “GDDF app–SID#”, e.g. “GDDF app–12345678.doc”
  • Students must also submit the following to their ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT:
    • Student Statement (a brief non-technical description of the status of their research, as well as an explanation of how the fellowship will help them complete their work within the specified time frame, as well as a detailed listing of all extramural, departmental and Graduate Division fellowships or other support the student has been or expected to be awarded, including year and amount.)
    • Current version of the student’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Nomination Form (to be completed by the department):
    • Complete a nomination form for each student the department is nominating via the fillable/savable Microsoft Word document from the Graduate Division website: Nomination forms should be saved in Microsoft Word as “GDDF nom– SID#,” e.g. “GDDF nom–12345678.doc”
    • Print nomination forms and gather original signatures
    • Once forms are final with signatures, scan documents to a single PDF file for each nominee in this order:
      • GDDF Nomination Form (signed)
      • GDDF Student Application Form
      • Student Statement
      • Letter from the doctoral committee chair
      • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
      • UCI academic transcript
    • Save this PDF file as “GDDF–SID#.pdf”
    • Forward nomination packages to your Associate Dean for ranking, cover letter, and signature
    • Schools submit completed documentation for the school nominees to fellowships@exchange.uci.eduby Monday, APRIL 13, 2015 and include the following:
      • Cover Letter from Associate Dean.  Letter must be signed by Associate Dean (no stamps or signatures on behalf will be accepted).
      • Original Word (.doc or .docm) Application Form for each student
      • Original Word (.doc or .docm) Nomination Form for each student
      • Scanned PDF nomination packet for each student

Contact Info

Jason Cruz
DECADE and Recruitment Coordinator
Graduate Division
Tel.: (949) 824-1281
Fax: (949) 824-9096
E-Mail: Fellowships@exchange.uci.edu


All AY 2015-2016 nomination materials must be received by the Graduate Division office no later than noon on Monday, April 13, 2015. Please submit electronically to fellowships@exchange.uci.edu.

  • Incomplete nominations packets will not be reviewed
  • No exceptions to this deadline will be considered


  • Students receiving this award are required to file their dissertation within a year after the last quarter in which they received GDDF funding.  Award funds will be returned by the school to Graduate Division in the event that the student does not meet this requirement.
  • Students holding this award cannot have concurrent employment as a TA/Associate/Reader/Tutor or GSR/GSAR.
  • NEW POLICY: GDDF fellows are no longer eligible for Graduate Division funding after the end of the fellowship period.