Holistic Health Days

In its continuing efforts to support the graduate and post doctoral scholar communities, UCI's Graduate Resource Center (GRC) is launching a new initiative this month called Holistic Health Days. This inaugural program will showcase campus and community resources which support the intellectual, physical, emotional and academic wellness of UCI's graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

UCI's GRC is dedicated to supporting the academic and professional success of all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. The GRC is one of the first centers in the nation to support the unique professional, career and personal development needs of graduate students and postdocs through a range of workshops, services, and events. 

According to Leigh Poirier Ball, director of the GRC, the term 'holistic' can be viewed as a way of considering the whole person – and all of their different roles – including that of an academic, a spouse, a friend, and a caregiver. As someone who works closely with graduate students and postdocs on a daily basis, she believes it is essential to take time to consider the whole person – and to maintain a healthy balance between academic and personal aspects of life. To Leigh and her team, it is important for graduate students and postdocs to invest time in their mental and physical wellness in order to be successful researchers and scholars.

"A graduate student or postdoc can often find themselves spending 10-12 hours a day immersed in their research or academic pursuits," says Leigh. "It becomes easy to 'burn the candle at both ends.' Our goal in the GRC is to equip this academic community with resources and services to effectively manage all facets of their academic and professional pursuits in a highly charged academic environment."

Sponsored by the UCI Graduate Division, UCI's Living Well and the UCI Associated Graduate Students (AGS), the Holistic Health Day program will take place on:

"By encouraging them to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle and to take advantage of the myriad of wellness activities and programs offered by UCI, graduate students and postdocs alike can strengthen their academic and personal success," she states.

The Holistic Health Days will feature a series of interactive displays, activities and resourcesincluding Paws 4 Healing Therapy dogs and a host of campus resources.dog

"Learning to balance and integrate one's physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects is crucial," Leigh says. "We are here to help our graduate students and postdocs maintain a healthy balance in their lives."