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"The Graduate LEAD Fellowship (Leading Edge Advancement with Distinction) will advance our ability to secure top- tier candidates in the competitive pursuit of securing additional intellectual capital to our community." - Jane Buchan, PhD, CEO of Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company

Graduate students are the intellectual engine that fuels UC Irvine’s vision and our academic research. Educational excellence is sustained through the generous support of UC Irvine’s alumni and friends. Your fellowship gift helps the UC Irvine Graduate Division fulfill its mission of cultivating the next generation of great minds, innovators and leaders. Under certain circumstances, the Graduate Division will even match your generous gift. Whether it’s a monetary gift or the gift of time your support goes a long way.

How will you help UC Irvine continue to make a global impact? By mentoring a current student and teaching them to become a future leader? By joining our speaker’s bureau and giving a presentation about how to succeed outside of academia? Or maybe just by donating?

The choice is yours…

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Public Impact Fellowships

Public Impact Fellowships highlights and supports doctoral students whose current research has the potential for substantial impact in the public sphere. Awardees are involved in research designed to significantly improve or enrich the lives of Californians and/or national and global communities.

  • Dollar-for-dollar match, and named if expendable gift or endowment payout > $10,000

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Graduate Dean's Recruitment Incentive Fellowships

Graduate Dean’s Recruitment Incentive Fellowships are used to enhance financial support packages of outstanding admitted doctoral or M.F.A. students who have received competitive admissions offers from other, excellent institutions.

  • Dollar-for-dollar match, and named if expendable gift or endowment payout > $2,500

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Diversity Fellowships

Consistent with UC Irvine’s commitment to diversity and excellence in doctoral education, diversity fellowships are merit-based, and intended to recruit, support, and retain students who are top in their fields and from diverse backgrounds.

  • Dollar-for-dollar match, and named if expendable gift or endowment payout > $5,000

See more about Diversity Fellowships

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Dissertation Quarter Fellowships

Dissertation Quarter Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to students nearing completion of the dissertation. These awards allow students to forgo their non-research related employment obligations to concentrate on completing the dissertation.

  • Dollar-for-dollar match, and named if expendable gift or endowment payout > $5,000

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New Endowed Fellowships

Graduate Division will match, dollar-for-dollar for 10 consecutive years, the annual payout for any newly endowed (after January 1, 2012) fellowship gift of or exceeding $25,000. 

Matching doubles the impact of your generous gift, so we encourage you to consider supporting our excellent students enrolled in any of our over 70 doctoral programs. To learn more about fellowship funding opportunities, please contact Court Crowther at More information about the Gift Matching Program, including FAQs, is available in our brochure.

Tom Angell Fellowship

The Tom Angell Fellowship program honors Tom Angell’s contributions to graduate education by providing fellowships to graduate students and faculty who have made a positive impact in mentoring and improving graduate student retention. Funds awarded to faculty must be disbursed as student support (e.g., to support conference travel for that faculty’s student).

  • Dollar-for-dollar match if expendable gift or endowment payout > $2,500

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