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Thesis Dissertation Electronic Submission

The electronic version of the master's thesis or doctoral dissertation must follow all formatting requirements set forth in the manual. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the thesis/dissertation appears as originally intended when it is accessed or printed.

The thesis/dissertation must be submitted as a single electronic Portable Document Format (PDF) file. If the original thesis/dissertation is a Microsoft Word or RTF file, you will be able to convert the thesis/dissertation to a PDF at the UCI Thesis/Dissertation Submission Site. If the doctoral dissertation is not in Microsoft Word, RTF, or PDF - e.g. LaTeX or WordPerfect - it must be converted to PDF before the student uses the Submission Site. Certain types of fonts and graphics work better with PDF, and special attention should be paid to creating equations for PDF conversions. Optional supplemental files (images, video, audio) that are an integral part of the thesis/dissertation but not part of the full text may also be submitted electronically


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