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The Admissions section covers the admissions requirements and process for students. Additional information for faculty and staff is provided below.

In order to view applications to your respective program, admissions committee members and program staff need access to the Slate system. This system allows online viewing of applicant data for your program’s applicant pool. To access graduate applicant data via Slate, you must have a UCI netID and password, which is used to authenticate you. Access must be requested via KSAMS. Slate training will be provided by the Graduate Divison on an ongoing basis.

After making a decision to recommend admission, the Admissions Committee Chair or Department representative must complete the application review process by electronically completing the School Decision form in SLATE and electronically moving the file to the Graduate Division review bin.

The Graduate Division offers the following two training sessions during the fall quarter, in preparation for the upcoming admission cycle:


This workshop is designed to familiarize new and continuing graduate admissions staff with the admissions process from application submission to admission by the department. An overview of the enrollment processes and procedures is also given.


This workshop is designed to familiarize new and continuing graduate admissions staff with the various aspects of evaluating foreign academic records to determine admissibility to UCI.

Graduate Division staff are also available for individual consultation regarding the admissions process and policies, foreign credential evaluation, appropriate documentation, and other relevant issues.


Please note these are not intended to be comprehensive and other questions may be answered in the User Guides, available at:

Faculty Resources:                    

Staff Resources:           


Q: What is Slate?

 A: Slate is the campus central system used for the online graduate application and managed     by the Graduate Division; it is also the central system for online faculty application review and decisions.

Q: What are the things that are different with Slate?

     A: There are many things that are different with the Slate system; a few are:

  • Applicants will upload unofficial transcripts for application review. They will only be required to submit official transcripts upon admission.
  • There are program-specific questions on the application
  • Applicants can upload writing sample(s), portfolios, and other supplemental materials into Slate as part of their application
  • Automated email reminders about outstanding documents and requirements are sent to applicants from Slate
  • All materials are included for online review in Slate
  • There is no need for department staff to receive transcripts, LORs or other materials and scan them in or match them with students’ application files
  • Faculty can rate, comment and recommend decisions in the Slate system

Q: How do I get access to Slate?

       A: This information will help you get access to Slate.

  •  Access to Slate will be managed through the online application KSAMS (Security Access Maintenance System). The tool, used campus wide to regulate and restrict access to numerous business applications and secure systems, will replace the Graduate Division Information Systems Access Request Form.
  • Access to Slate is role-based and can be requested in KSAMS by anyone with an active UCInetID; however, final approval is granted by a School Approver role within each School followed by a GD Approver from Graduate Division. 
  • Faculty and Departmental Staff members can request one of the following two roles:


  • Grad Slate – Coordinator: This role is generally for departmental staff.  Individuals with this role will move applications through the review process, apply decisions, and send decision letters.
  •  Grad Slate – Reader: This role is generally for faculty. Individuals with this role will be able to review applicants and provide comments and recommendations for the review process.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question or need assistance with Slate?

      A: Email

Q: Who do I direct applicants to contact if they have questions or need assistance with the application?

      A: Email

Q: Is there a way to start review of a file in the Slate Reader if all 3 Letters of Recommendation have not been received?

A: If all 3 Letters of Recommendation have not been received, the file will remain in the Awaiting Materials bin. Faculty and staff have the ability to look at applications in the Awaiting Materials bin and make comments; however, official review forms cannot be submitted until the file is moved out of the Awaiting Materials bin.

Q: Will applicants know that their applications cannot be reviewed until all 3 LORs have been received?

       A: Yes. Applicants will have access to a checklist showing them what is keeping their file from being officially reviewed.

Q: Do faculty only have access to applications in their own department?

A: Faculty can see applications within their school but they can sort or filter by program. There are a variety of options for narrowing or organizing what faculty see in Slate.

Q: Where can we see prior years’ applicant data?

A: For applicant data prior to September 2018, if you have access to GATS and it is being maintained for archival purposes you should still be able to see it in GATS. If you used DAVAD for that purpose, that information should have been downloaded into an Excel file for archival access. In future years, applicant data will be available in Slate.

Q: We tend to have a few applicants who clearly apply to the wrong program, or wish to change the program to which they are applying. What    should we advise applicants to do?

A: Contact the Graduate Division at so that we can make the change for the applicant. Please provide the “reference number” available on the Application Status Page.

Q: How will GRE and TOEFL scores get into Slate?

      A: Test scores are uploaded directly into Slate.

Q: How do letters of recommendation get into Slate? Do department coordinators still need to attach them to a student’s file?

A: Letters of recommendation will be submitted by the recommenders through Slate and available for review. Paper letters will no longer be  accepted.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of documents an applicant can upload?

     A: No.

Q: Can applicants see their review bin, comments, etc.?

     A: No. Applicants can only see their checklist.

Q: How do reminders from the Slate system work?

     A: They are automated and based on what is still outstanding from the student’s file. They will be sent out on a programmed schedule.

Q: How do applicants request a waiver of the application fee?

A: This is done through Slate, and students will upload their supporting documents to the system. Approvals/denials are sent to the applicant via email.

Q: Can we pay the application fee on behalf of an applicant?

     A: No. There is no mechanism to do this.

Q: As applicant reviews will occur using unofficial transcripts uploaded by the applicant, when are official transcripts requested?

A: Students should be notified in the departmental admission letter that they must submit official transcripts. They will also receive notification in the admit email that the Graduate Division sends when they are admitted.

Q: When is the deadline for students to submit official transcripts?

      A: By the end of their first quarter of enrollment at UCI.

Q: Do we need to provide backup documentation for GPA conversion? Do we upload a spreadsheet?

A: No. Slate has a GPA calculator and the Graduate Division will not need the GPA conversion spreadsheets. Departments may still use them if they wish to do so but Graduate Division will not need them.

Q: Does Slate require a minimum number of reviews?

A: No. That is determined by the program and school.

Q: Who has access to move application files from bin to bin?

      A: Program coordinators.

Q: Is there a way to see how many files have been assigned to a faculty member?

     A: Yes. Coordinator/Reader can run the “Applications in Review” query (in Widgets) to see the result.

Q: Can applications be sorted by the day they are submitted?

      A: You can filter by the submission date.

Q: Can faculty edit comments on the review form after they’ve submitted it?

     A: No, but they can submit a new review form if they have additional comments.

Q: Can we reverse a decision from Deny to Admit?

      A: Yes.

Q: Can faculty have access to build their own queries?

A: Not right now. However, Graduate Division can build queries, or staff coordinators can do so. Faculty can also be given Coordinator access if needed.

Q: What if a program does not want to use all of the bins, or wishes to streamline bin use?

      A: You can structure bin use in whatever way works for your program.

Q: How do outside faculty get access to Slate through KSAMS?

      A: There is a process in KSAMS to allow for this.