Graduate Division

Statement of Intent to Register

When you are admitted to a UC Irvine graduate program by the Graduate Division, an e-mail message is sent to the address you entered in your online application. The message gives you the URL, username, and password for the online Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) submission system. You must complete and submit the SIR online form to indicate that you accept our admission offer and intend to enroll at UCI. If you accept our offer, it is best to complete this as soon as possible. Once we receive a completed SIR, we will prepare administratively for your arrival and enrollment at UCI.

If you submit your SIR in a timely manner you will be able to complete a number of administrative processes online (e.g., completion of the Statement of Legal Residence and applying for on-campus housing) before you arrive at UCI. You will also then be able to enroll in courses. The preferred deadline for students to file an SIR is April 15; students who are offered admission after April 15 should file an SIR as soon as possible thereafter. Please note that programs that require an SIR deposit may have separate deadlines.  For additional information, please contact your academic department.