Graduate Division

Academic Qualifications for International Students

Records of academic study from foreign institutions must be official, bearing the original signature of the registrar and the seal of the issuing institution. Applicants should not send the original of an academic record which cannot be replaced; they should obtain instead properly certified copies. Unless academic records and diplomas are issued in English by the institution, the official records in their original language must be submitted with an authorized, complete, and exact English translation. Foreign academic records must include all subjects or courses taken on a yearly basis, together with the units of credit or time allotted to each subject each term or year and the marks or ratings in each subject or examination passed. In all cases the institutional grading scale or other standard of evaluation, including maximal passing and failing marks and definition of grades between them, should appear on official records or as an official attachment. Official evidence of degree conferral must also be supplied, together with evidence of rank in class if available.

All graduate applicants, except those who have earned an undergraduate degree from an institution at which English was the sole language of instruction according to the World Higher Education Database, are required to demonstrate English proficiency for admissions consideration. Click here for more information.

For information about degree requirements for countries not listed, please contact Graduate Admissions.

CountryDegree RequiredRecords Required


Quebec-Baccalaureat/Bachelier/Bachelor, 3 years after DEC or B. Eng. 3-3.5 years after DEC Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario-Honors Bachelor’s degree, four years Special, Advanced Major representing 4 years of coursework.
All other provinces-/Bachelor’s degree representing a minimum of 4 years of coursework.

1. Official Transcripts including English translation 2. American style transcripts with title of degree conferred and date of conferral.

Bangladesh, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan

B. Engineering, B.SC. (Eng.), B. Tech, or Master's degree in a non-engineering field awarded First Class. 4-5 year degree.

1. Detailed mark sheets (grade reports) for each semester of study and all yearly examinations. Individual examinations and papers must identify the subject and show minimum, maximum and awarded marks as well as overall results. Exams and papers must state the level of pass, class, and division. Rank in class should be indicated, if available. 2. Diplomas or official statements from all degree-granting universities with the date of formal conferral.

Central and Latin America, Mexico, Portugal, Spain

Completion of all courses and thesis or professional examinations required for the title or degree. 4-5 year degree.

1. All post-secondary academic records listing courses, marks, and diplomas conferred. 2. Official diploma certificates or evidence of completion of all requirements for the degree or title. Note: Records and translations must be certified by the issuing institution or by an academic or public official (notario publico). American embassies or consulates do not certify academic records.

France and French-Style Universities

Maitrise: Diplome. 4-5 year degree

3 year Bologna degree may be acceptable

1. Diploma Supplement, if available, and French transcript issued by the institution and accompanied by certified translations.  2.Results of all examinations (marks/mentions/notes) for each year including ranks in class if available. 3. Certification of fulfillment of all requirements for the diploma, professional title, or degree and the date of conferral or recommendation for ministerial authorization.


Diplom; Staatsexamen; Magister Artium

3 year Bologna degree may be acceptable

1. Diploma Supplement, if availalbe, and German transcript accompanied by certified complete translations. 2. Official copies of all examination records (Zwischenprufung, Vorprufung, Hauptprufung, Staatsexamen), seminarscheine, and degree certificates as well as photocopies of the studienbuch.


Licence/Licentiate/Bachelor’s degree

1. Transcripts listing courses, grades and sometimes degree conferral. 2. Degree certificate showing degree conferred and date of conferral. English translations need to be submitted with the original documents if the institution does not issue academic records in English.


Bachelor’s degree, 4 years

Official transcripts and degree certificates.


Bachelor’s degree, 4 years

Official transcripts and degree certificates.

People's Republic of China

Bachelor's Degree, 4 years.

Complete translation listing of all courses and grades. Graduation certificate. Note: All records and translations must be certified by the issuing institution or appropriate government official.

Russia & Russian-Style Universities

Diplom from university or institute (5 years normally). Professional Title or Specialist Diploma, 4-5 years. Bakalavr Diploma, 4 years

3 year Bologna degree may be acceptable

1. Diploma Supplement, if available, and academic records listing courses and grades with English translation. 2. Diplom certificate showing degree conferral and date of conferral.


Bachelor’s degree, 4-7 years, depending on field of study.

American-style transcripts listing courses and grades. Records must show numerical grades.

United Kingdom & British-Style Universities

Honours Bachelor's degree with a minimum of First Class or Second Class (upper division). M.A. from Scottish University. 3-4 years.

1. Official statements from each college or university indicating dates of attendance, program of study (if institutional policy permits). 2. Reports from tutors describing performance, courses completed, and those in progress. 3. Official copies of all diploma and degree certificates indicating class and division issued by the registrar.

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