Graduate Division


UCI offers several types of employment to graduate students, which provides not only financial support but also exciting professional experiences and opportunities for career development. Graduate students may be employed as Graduate Student Researchers, Graduate Student Assistant Researchers, Teaching Assistants, Teaching Associates, Readers or Tutors.  Students earn a salary and, depending on the type of employment, may have all or part of their fees paid as a benefit. In addition, students in qualifying appointments may be eligible to receive childbirth accommodation and childcare reimbursement benefits. Qualified student employees may also be eligible to contribute to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.

Students are usually employed by the department or school, and should inquire with their academic program about employment opportunities. Please note that there are academic eligibility requirements for all types of graduate student employment, and English language proficiency requirements for Teaching Assistant/Associate appointments. Students and administrators should be aware of deadlines (see Student & Administrator Deadlines) for input of student appointments into the Payroll/Personnel System and fee payment.