Graduate Division

Research Assistantships

Many academic units offer research assistantships to outstanding graduate students, either as Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) or Graduate Student Assistant Researchers (GSARs).  During the academic year, GSRs and GSARs may be appointed for a maximum of half-time service (220 hours/quarter).  Registration as a full-time student (12 units) is required, and students must meet academic eligiblity requirements for grades, GPA and satisfactory progress.  The duration and extent of such appointments vary by academic unit.  Students should contact their departments for further information.

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

An academically qualified and registered graduate student, enrolled full-time, who performs research related to his or her degree program in an academic  department or research unit under the direction of a faculty member or authorized Principal Investigator. The Graduate Student Researcher may or may not collaborate in the publication of said research.

Please visit Important Information for GSRs and updates regarding GSR rights & FAQs

Graduate Student Assistant Researcher (GSAR)

An academically qualified and registered graduate student, enrolled full-time, who performs research under the supervision of a Principal Investigator on a research project which is not related to the student’s degree program.

Academic Requirements

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Satisfactory academic progress towards degree objective
  • A letter grade of C, S, or above in all courses completed in the last three quarters
  • No more than two (2) Incomplete grades (except where stricter school policies apply) in the last three quarters

GSR & GSAR Appointment Benefits

Payment of Fees/Tuition (Remission)

Campus policy regarding GSR/GSAR fee and tuition remission applies to all students employed in the GSR/GSAR series with an appointment of at least 25% time for the entire quarter. Each eligible student’s total assessed fees/tuition (and nonresident supplemental tuition, if applicable), must be paid as a condition of their GSR/GSAR appointment. Charges are to be debited directly to applicable extramural awards or other funding source(s) paying the student’s salary when the student registers each quarter.

Please refer to Registrar's site for the Schedule of Fees/Tuition.

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