Graduate Division

Leadership and Management


Graduate Division’s Foundations of Leadership workshop series pairs students and postdocs with prestigious leaders from industry, government and non-profit organizations to learn about strategies for success. Informal luncheons with the speakers allow for the development of individual networking strategies. The Mentoring Excellence Certificate Program teaches students strong mentoring and leadership skills. Postdoctoral Association (PDA) , Associated Graduate Students (AGS), DECADE , LEADAAUW and OCGWIS provide opportunities and instruction in Leadership. Students are also invited to apply for paid Graduate Students Researcher positions in the summer research programs, DECADE, the Competitive Edge Program, the DECADE-PLUS program and other leadership opportunities.


Individual Development Plans provide structure and planning tools for long range career management.  Graduate Student Orientation offers breakout session on managing your graduate career and provides guidance on developing your IDP. The Careers and Entrepreneurship section has links to internship opportunities in and around Orange County.


Skills in Data Science are in high demand in both industry and academia. The short courses offered by the Data Science Initiative form a basic foundation in modern tools and techniques. Graduate Division will award students and postdocs who complete all requirements with a certificate in Data Science. The only prerequisite is some familiarity with a programming language such as python, R, java, matlab, etc. To qualify for the certificate, students will complete 4 short courses and assist in teaching one class. These include:

  • Introduction to R
  • Predictive Modelling with Python
  • Choice of any 2 other workshops offered by the DSI, e.g.
    • Introduction to Linux/HPC
    • Introduction to Big Data with Hadoop
    • Advanced R

Awardees will have core skills, including:

  • calculating summary statistics
  • data cleaning and filtering
  • data visualization
  • regression models
  • classification models

And familiarity with tools:

  • R
  • python
  • shell scripting
  • git & GitHub

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