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PRE-Professor Program (UCI/CSULB)

CSU Long Beach Pre-Professor Program

Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2021!

PREPP Fellows will participate in PREPP activities during the CSULB Spring 2021 semester (January 15 - May 31, 2021)

Applications are due Monday, November 2, 2020. For more information about the program, attend the upcoming information session: 

Virtual PREPP Information Session 
Monday, October 26, 2020
12 pm - 1 pm 
Register Here: CampusGroups

What is PREPP?

The PRE-Professor Program (PREPP) is designed to support the University of California, Irvine (UCI) doctoral students’ and postdoctoral scholars’ transition to a faculty position by engaging them in a semester-long program at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).In addition, PREPP is a blueprint to support CSULB’s efforts to foster a pipeline for prospective new faculty. The goal of PREPP is to immerse participants in the life of a faculty member at a comprehensive master’s granting institution. PREPP fellows will have individual mentorship from an experienced Faculty Mentor in two broad categories: Instruction and Understanding the Campus Culture and Service.

For the Spring 2021 cohort we are only accepting applications from candidates with expertise in health related fields (broadly defined to include biomedical and behavioral sciences, such as biology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, health disparities, health science, kinesiology, psychology, etc.). Underrepresented students are encouraged to apply.

Program Features 

PREPP Fellows will be partnered with a CSULB Faculty Mentor who will oversee the project. Fellows will learn what faculty life is like at a comprehensive master’s granting institution. Your doctoral studies and post-doc positions prepare you for research and scholarship, which is a large part of the job. This program focuses on the other components of a faculty position, instructionally related activities (teaching, curriculum, mentoring students) and service activities.

Instructional Activities
Instructional activities is a broad topic that encompasses teaching (and all the tasks associated with that) and mentoring. Teaching is a rather broad category that includes several tasks from planning for instruction, planning and teaching lessons, and mentoring students (teaching in small groups or one-on-one).

Campus Culture of a Comprehensive Master’s University & Service
Fellows will learn how a campus runs and the role of a faculty member within the structure of a comprehensive university. First and foremost, Fellows need to learn about department life within their field(s). How does a department run, what’s expected of new faculty, and in what role(s) do junior faculty engage? These questions will be answered by participating in a variety of tasks, discussions, and assignments.

Typical Program Activities/Assignments

I = Instruction, M = Mentoring, C = Campus Culture, S = Service, JR = Job Readiness

• Develop a Syllabus (I)
• Prepare and teach two class sessions in a course within your field (ideally one lower division and one upper division) (I)
• Observations of teaching with debriefing (I)
• Attend a lab meeting (M)
• Attend a mentoring meeting between faculty and student (M)
• Identify instructional support services on campus (I)
• Attend a department meeting (C)
• Meet with Department Chair (C)
• Tenure/Retention Expectations (C)
• Curriculum Committee (I, C, S)
• Understanding Shared Governance (S, C)
• Components of a good cover letter (JR, C)
• Inclusive Excellence Statement/Teaching Philosophy Statement (JR, C)

Other Program Benefits

● CSULB will pay for parking
● UCI will contribute a small stipend to support travel of PREPP Fellows ($500).

Application Procedures

Interested doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars will prepare an application and submit the following documents to be reviewed by UCI and CSULB program faculty.

Applications are due Monday, November 2, 2020 for Spring 2021

A PDF with these instructions is available here: Application Instructions 

A complete submission will consist of: 

  1. PREPP Fellow Application (Downlaod)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Unofficial copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  4. Personal Statement (500 words or less) 
    1. Tell us about yourself. 
    2. Why are you applying for this program? What do you hope to gain from the experience? 
    3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
  5. Teaching Interest / Experience Statemen.Your statement might include responses to the following prompts(500 words or less)
    • What teaching experience have you had? Describe your strengths and weaknesses as an instructor. 
    • What do you want to learn about teaching and instructionally related activities? 
    • What do you think teaching diverse undergraduate students might look like? What do you think would be the most effective approaches to teaching diverse undergraduate students? 
    • Describe a particular memorable teaching/learning episode.
  6. UCI Research Mentor Letter of Recommendation - to be emailed directly by Mentor (Download) 
  7. PREPP Application Confidential Data Sheet (Download) 

For more program information contact BUILD.IDC@CSULB.EDU